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Hi, My name is Maria Park. I've worked as a tailor for more than 30 years in Maryland. I am the owner of the Rose Custom Tailor located in Bethesda, Maryland.

I have altered and fixed all types of men's and women's dresses including wedding, bride-maid, prom and party dresses. I can also tailor curtains and cushions and leather clothes. My customers are happy and satisfied with my works and they keep referring me to their friends, families, relatives and co-workers.




• Clothing alterations for men, women and children • Alterations for wedding, bridal, prom, party, graduation and formal gowns • Alterations for any type of suits or tuxedos • Altar curtain, cushion, leather clothes, bead and lace.

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  • 4401 East-West Highway, Suite 200B Bethesda, MD, United States
  • NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY. Just Walk In. It's hard to give you an estimate without seeing the dress. If you'd like to get an estimate please bring your dress. Thank you,